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Gallery of sculptures

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"Ballerina". Bronze, serpentine. 29cm. 1997. "Griffin". Bronze. 12cm. 1997. $430
"Ascension". Bronze, serpentine. 44cm. 1998. "Female Torso". Bronze, marble. 87cm. 1994.
"Moonlit Night" Bronze. 27cm. 2000. "Decorative Composition II". Bronze, jasper. 1993.
"Ballet" Bronze. 29cm. 1997. "Decorative Lions.". 1998.
"Let There Be Peace in Your Home" Bronze, serpentine, lapis lazuli. 12x11x19,5cm. 2001.
Dedicated to 11 September 2001
"Owl". 30cm. 2002.
"Ballet-III" Bronze. 40cm. 2002. "Female Torso". 2002.
"Angel-II" Bronze, rock crystal. 20cm. 2002.
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