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Alexander Stelmashenko

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Born on 3rd February 1958, in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Diplom of the Taras Shevtchenko High School of Art of Ukraine, Kyiv

Graduate of the Kyiv State Academy of Arts

Academic Course of the Institute of Vassili Z. Borodaya, Kyiv

Military Service

Works in Kyiv with the Ukrainian Artists' Foundation

During this period, the artist accomplished different monumental sculptures:

Two marble busts of the artist stand in the Museum of Literature in Kyiv. O. Stelmachenko executed the big frieze of the Central Post Office of Kyiv. He also took part in different State Art Exhibitions.

Works and creates on his studio on Kyiv.

The new themes are: ballet dancers, Gloria and Libera Compositions, different compositions about religious themes: Christ, Virgin Mary, a series of Angels. Another series of torsos out of bronse and ceramics.

Private collections are in Ukraine, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium.

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Special place in the creative work of Alexandr Stelmashenko is devoted to Woman

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Citations from papers: Berner Zeitung 17.April 1999

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